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Tommy Burnett

The Man Who Knows Too Much

About Tommy Burnett

TOMMY BURNETT MAY AT FIRST APPEAR TO HAVE PSYCHIC POWERS but in reality is a professional magician and mentalist who uses techniques such as Hypnotism, Word Play, Magic tricks, Psychology, Suggestion, Knowledge of Human Behavior, and Comedy to appear psychic.... This is sometimes known as Psychic Entertainment. TOMMY BURNETT uses no stooges or secret assistants or electronic devices during his shows. He has a standing claim that if anyone can prove otherwise TOMMY BURNETT will donate $10,000.00 to that person's favorite charity.

TOMMY BURNETT does not claim any special powers. TOMMY BURNETT is a local NYC resident and was born with cerebral palsy. Magic has helped him reclaim his self-worth as a human being and the confidence to survive in "the real world." TOMMY BURNETT has performed in 48 out 50 states and in various countries in Europe and Scandanavia including Sweden, Italy and Germany to name a few.  TOMMY has also worked as a deception specialist because he can always tell if someone is lying. He has made various tv appearances including being featured on NBC, ABC and CBS News. He has appeared and been featured on many local cable shows including Legends TV with Evan Ginsburg and Talents Unlimited. He was also a finalist in the New York City competition 'New York's Got Talent.' He also has worked for the last 10 years as the resident magician of Fountain House - one of the world's leading facilities dealing with current mental health issues.