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25 Oct

From the Desk of the I.B.M. President - Michael Finney

Category: Convention   Written by: SIMONE MARRON

I.B.M. President Michael Finney did an amazing job booking talent for the 2018 convention in Grand Rapids. Just wait until you see what he has planned for the 2019 convention in Scottsdale! Read More

21 Oct

Magicana Buys Rare Magic Archives

Category: Blog   Written by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

Magicana -- the non-profit magic-based organization in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has announced that it has purchased the McIlhany Film Archive of historical magic film and videos. This is a real coup for Magicana. Read all about the purchase from the Magicana Web page ( Read More

15 Oct

Update on Magic in Las Vegas for November 2018

Category: Blog   Written by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

There is more magic and more magicians in Las Vegas, Nevada than anywhere else in the world. Add to that the inexpensive hotels (and airfare), and Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination for many people, including magicians. Before you go, look down this list of what's happening in Las Vegas related to magic, compliments of David Neubauer. Call before you go though. Things change. Read More


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