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22 Feb

Dennis Anyone? New ABC Show Features Magic

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

On Sunday, March 11, a new television show on ABC will feature a magician who helps solve crimes using MAGIC. For magicians, this sounds like it will give magic a boost. For laymen, it sounds promising as an entertainment vehicle. Read More

15 Feb

Update on Magic in Las Vegas, March, 2018

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

Once again David Neubauer brings us an updated list of the magicians and magic shows in Las Vegas, the greatest concentration of magic anywhere on earth. But this information was accurate only up until February 15, so be sure to call ahead to make sure no changes have been made. And thanks again, David, for putting this together for the rest of us each month. Read More

13 Feb

February Linking Ring Features Las Vegas Magician - Mike Hammer

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

The cover story for the February 2018 issue of The Linking Ring is about Las Vegas Magician Mike Hammer, who has been performing to sold-out audiences at the Four Queens for seven years. Other feature articles include: A celebration of Eugene Burger, the closing of another brick-and-mortar magic store (after seven decades); a review of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians Convention, and a couple of reviews of two special events. Read More

06 Feb

Criss Angel to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians

Category: Blog   Posted by: SIMONE MARRON

Criss Angel is to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians.This award has been presented a mere five times in the 95-year history of the organization, making Criss Angel the youngest recipient of this distinguished honor, which was approved unanimously by the I.B.M. Board of Trustees at its Midyear Meeting by those in attendance. Read More

03 Feb

Masters of Illusion LIVE is Touring the Country

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

Magicians know that the BEST way to SEE and EXPERIENCE magic is -- LIVE! So it is good news again that the Masters of Illusion LIVE! tour is now in it eleventh season. Of course we who love magic have appreciated the televised version of Masters of Illusion the past four years. And for the producers to go to the trouble to put together this tour is terrific. More people can see live magic! Here are more details. Read More

20 Jan

Your Guide to All Things Magic in Las Vegas

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

Here is your monthly update on all the magic and magicians in Las Vegas, Nevada -- where there is more magic (and magicians) than anywhere else in the world. Use it as your basic guide, but call ahead before going to a specific venue since things may have changed from when this was written. As always, a big thank you to David Neubauer for compiling all this information. Read More

18 Jan

12 magicians honored in February Broken Wand

Category: Broken Wand   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

In the Broken Wand in the February issue of The Linking Ring, the I.B.M.'s monthly magazine, twelve people are honored in obituaries. Read More

13 Jan

Another Huge Star Announced for the 2018 I.B.M. Convention

Category: Convention   Posted by: SIMONE MARRON

With an amazing line-up already announced for the 2018 I.B.M. Convention. Michael Finney, Talent Booker for the Grand Rapids convention has knocked it out of the ballpark again with this latest announcement of this highly desirable mega-star who will be lecturing and performing July 4-7. Read More

03 Jan

Ring 25's President Cadell is January Cover Story

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

For many years, it has been the tradition of the I.B.M.'s monthly magazine, The Linking Ring, to feature the current president of Ring 25 -- The British Ring -- on its January issue cover. Why? Because Ring 25 is the largest of all I.B.M. Rings. That is why Richard Cadell is there with his sidekick bear puppet Sooty. Read how Richard came to be Sooty's voice and became the most popular puppet in Great Britain. Also read several other feature stories, as well as all the regular columns. Read More

28 Dec

Michigan Native is Next Performer Revealed for the 2018 I.B.M. Convention

Category: Convention   Posted by: SIMONE MARRON

The next performer revealed for the 2018 convention in Grand Rapids is a Michigan native. FISM Grand Prix winner Rick Merrill joins the already stellar line-up that has been announced for the July 4-7, I.B.M. event. Read More