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"The I.B.M. has been a large part of my life for over 30 years! I highly recommend joining to any serious student of magic!"

Lance Burton

Master Magician, Las Vegas, NV












”Since my first I.B.M. Magic Convention in 2009, I've been continuously impressed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians' exceptional dedication to fostering a community that thrives on friendship and mutual respect. I.B.M. has created an environment where the art of magic flourishes across generations and cultures."

Shin Lim

Winner of AGT & AGT Champions, and Las Vegas Headliner

Las Vegas, NV



"The I.B.M.’s significant contributions to my life an illusionist and inventor cultivated both my desire and ability to perform in all 50 states of the United States, 80 countries on five continents of the world, and to meet and befriend fellow I.B.M. members in many of those countries."

André Kole

Magic Inventor of the Decade
Tempe, Arizona





"I am certain I would not be the magician I am today if it had not been for the I.B.M. It’s an organization whose fundamental goal is to advance the art of magic. It truly helps magic grow every day."

Shawn Farquhar

Two-time World Champion of Magic
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada







"Joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians opened a door to the amazing world of magic for me. For over thirty years the articles, magic, and even the ads in The Linking Ring have stimulated my imagination. Every I.B.M. Convention I've attended has filled me with ideas and inspiration. As magic enters the quantum age, the I.B.M. continues to draw on its rich legacy of experience as it links and serves the members and Rings which literally circle the globe."

Michael Ammar

World Leader in Magic Instruction
Windermere, Florida

"I've been an I.B.M. member since I was 13 years old. The organization has given me a foundation of knowledge, training, and encouragement that has been absolutely crucial to my development as a magician. I would not be where I am today without everything that I have learned. I give membership with the I.B.M. my highest recommendation."

Harris III

Master Illusionist
Nashville, Tennessee



"Through membership in the I.B.M., I met one of the most important people in my life -- my mentor, the late Fetaque Sanders. An outstanding entertainer, he not only helped make me a better performer and expand my career in magic, he also became one of my closest friends. If you want to make positive connections to advance your career or enhance your enjoyment of magic, I highly recommend joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians."

Samuel Patrick Smith

Magician, Author, Editor
Eustis, Florida

"The Linking Ring is the only magic magazine with worldwide recognition. I have gotten more response from advertising in The Linking Ring than all the other magazines combined, and it’s easier to carry around. I love you, I.B.M.! Join me and let’s be part of this great institution as we grow as artists."

Rocco Silano

Wayne, New Jersey