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Special Celebrity Legend of Comedy

Amazing Johnathan

The Amazing Johnathan is an eccentric entertainer whose bizarre humor and unscripted antics have earned him worldwide recognition as the most original and successful comic magician in history. His career has spanned 35 years, entertaining two generations of fans.

The Amazing Johnathan has performed for two presidents and has appeared on hundreds of television shows, including Comedy Central’s “One Night Stand,” “Lounge Lizards,” “Premium Blend,” and his own one-hour special, “Wrong on Every Level.” He has also appeared on HBO’s“Young Comedians Special,” “Late Night with David Letterman,” “World's Greatest Magic,” A&E’s “Mindfreak,” as well as a game show called“Ruckus,” which he co-created with Merv Griffin.

In 2001, Johnathan stopped touring and took up residency at the world-famous Golden Nugget, taking Las Vegas by storm and breaking box office records. Not since The Rat Pack had anyone done the numbers Johnathan did. He was given one of the most lucrative deals ever signed in Vegas, and for 13 years he was one of the biggest draws on The Strip. 

In addition to being named one of the “Top Ten Acts in Vegas” by The Las Vegas Review-Journal,

Johnathan has also won the prestigious "Best of Las Vegas Award."  

In 2014, Johnathan began feeling dizzy and out of breath. After consulting his doctors, Johnathan announced to his fans that he had 12 to 15 months to live. His ailing heart had gotten much worse and was beating at only 15 percent. He quickly announced his retirement, performing his final shows at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. After thousands of fans had said their final goodbyes, Johnathan vanished from the scene, spending the next few years relaxing at home with his wife Anastasia and their daughter in between hospital visits.

Then Johnathan pulled off his best trick—he didn’t die. The expiration date came and went, and

Johnathan began feeling stronger. He even left his wheelchair and walked again, much to the amazement of his friends and family. 

Although his heart is still severely damaged, most of the impairment caused by the lack of circulation has healed almost completely. Therefore, he has recently done a few abbreviated private shows to get his chops back.

A native of Michigan, in what will be his first performance at a magic convention, Johnathan has agreed to do a late-night show for a $5 donation from each attendee which will go to a local charity, and a lecture on comedy. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to meet one of the greatest comedy legends! 

Legends of Comedy Show


  Jeff Hobson

Hobson has logged in over 20,000 live shows with over 15 years of performances on the Las Vegas strip, 2 record-breaking Broadway seasons in The Illusionists, and numerous television appearances including HBO, Showtime, the TODAY show, Rachel Ray, as well as his own 16-week series in the U.K..  He’s the only natural blonde in the show. He prefers non-alcoholic beer and likes to dance in the rain.








                        Nick Lewin                          

British born Nick Lewin is an award-winning writer and performer of magic with a great deal of fascinating information that he shares in his lectures and seminars.  With over 40 years of experience as a full time pro, over 50 television appearances and a five-year run with his one-man show in Las Vegas there is a huge amount of ‘Real World’ knowledge and routines packed into his teaching presentations. In addition to stories, advice and tips are a string of strong and audience tested routines from Nick’s own repertoire that can be added into every kind of magic show.  






  Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson was named Comedy-Magician of the Year for 2017. He’s an Emmy-nominated performer who has appeared on television hundreds of times and at Caesar’s Palace, Harrah’s, Bally’s and MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Atlantic City.  Most recently, he was seen on Jimmy Kimmel’s website performing the Pinata of Doom for the roll out of Ford’s 2017 Escape.  







Pop Haydn                          


Whit "Pop" Haydn was named Stage Magician of the Year in March, 2015 at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is the winner of seven Performer of the Year awards from the Magic Castle, the clubhouse of the Academy of Magical Arts. In February 2006, he became Vice-President of that organization, and served for four years in that capacity.

He has opened for Jerry Seinfeld, the Smothers Brothers, Loretta Lynn and others, and performed on many cruise ships, hotels and casinos. He was one of the first acts chosen in 1996 to open 
Caesar's Magical Empire in Las Vegas.

He was the chief magic consultant on Norman Jewison's major film 
Bogus, as well as a consultant on multiple television documentaries. He appeared on an episode of "Haunted Collector" (Discovery) as a gambling expert. He also appears in the  documentary, "Dealt" about the amazing blind card cheat Richard Turner.

 Michael Finney


Comedian, Magician, Philanthropist, Corporate Spokesman, Motivational Speaker and President Elect of the I.B.M.. Michael Finney has more sides to his life than a well-cut diamond. There is an authenticity to him that seems to disarm an audience instantly, causing everyone to feel as if a friend has just stepped on stage. One reason for the respect Finney gets may be the incredible amount of entertainment he's able to squeeze out of what seems to be so little. 


Give him a deck of cards, a pair of scissors and some rope, and for the next hour, you will have the time of your life.

His confidence is a by-product of sincerity and the audience connects with it, and feeds it back to him in a beautiful way.  In Michael's case, sincerity and authenticity transform a simple mixture of character, context, humor, and magic into something that not only entertains but Inspires. Many years of performing in comedy clubs have been assimilated into creating an instinct for what's appropriate at every venue ... something his audiences have learned they can depend on for fun for everyone.      

Niels Duinker                       

Niels Duinker first thought of becoming a successful international performer when he was 12 years old, and well, before the end of his teenage years, his dream had become a reality.

Niels can now be seen 6 nights a week at The Comedy Barn Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He holds 6 Guinness World Records and has performed on all 7 continents. Modestly beginning his career in a Rotterdam youth circus, Niels now spends his time jetting between high-profile engagements at theaters, casinos, cruise ships, theme parks, and corporate events.

More than just a pretty face with a bag full of cool tricks, in the spring of 2009 Niels completed the course work for his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Another dream turned reality.




Stuart MacDonald 

No magician in the history of the IBM and SAM combined convention has ever won as many awards in one contest as Stuart MacDonald. The historic sweep qualifies Stuart to compete in the world championships of magic (FISM) in Busan South Korea in July of 2018..

Right now, Stuart is like the Michael Phelps of magic and will be entering the World Championships as the #1 American Competitive Magician.

Stuart also recently fooled Penn & Teller on the CW Network show Fool Us.







Kyle & Mistie Knight      

Las Vegas based illusionists Kyle & Mistie Knight have traveled the world sharing their own unique style of magic. Regular performers at casinos in Las Vegas, at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and on Disney & Celebrity Cruise Lines, the duo also headlined at the House of Magic at Studio City Resort & Casino in Macau. On television Kyle & Mistie appeared on the hit show Penn & Teller: Fool Us, BBC’s Now You See It and they were also the grand-prize winners on SyFy’s Wizard Wars

A true power couple, Kyle is has won awards for his sleight of hand and stage illusions, while Mistie is a former Miss Las Vegas who brings personality and production to the show with her own magic and costume quick changes. Together Kyle & Mistie Knight present one-of-a-kind illusions and allow their audience to get up close and involved in ways they’ve never seen before





Kayla Drescher 

Kayla Drescher is a professional magician living in Los Angeles, California.  Her unique take on magic, weaving in story, character, and comedy, can often be seen at the Magic Castle’s WC Field’s Bar, at the “Magic Bar”- a weekly magic show in Encino, CA, and for corporate clients, such as Microsoft, IBM, KB Homes, and many more.  You may have seen her on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us or on the Today Show, where she won David Copperfield’s “Search for the Next Great Magician”.  When not performing magic, Kayla is often eating veggie burgers, performing improv, or playing with her dog, Bowie. Kayla is so excited to share her performance with the IBM Convention! 






   David Malek                      

David Malek is a professional magician and entertainer. He has been performing magic professionally for over twenty-five years. He is considered one of the world's foremost authorities on game protection as well as one of the top sleight-of-hand magicians in the world today. David's skill with cards and dice is legendary. However, he considers himself more of an entertainer rather than just a magician. 

Mr. Malek puts on presentations for law enforcement, casino personnel and celebrity clients. He works as a consultant in film and television productions, as well as giving demonstrations, and entertaining at trade shows, hospitality suites, and numerous corporate and private clients. Mr. Malek lives in Newport Beach, California.






Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride is a three-time award winner at the International Grand Prix of Magic in Monte Carlo and was named Magician of the Year by The Academy of Magical Arts.

McBride headlined at Caesars Magical Empire in Las Vegas, where he was voted critics' choice as Best Magician in Las Vegas. He recently toured Asia, and also toured South America with the world’s largest magic show, The Illusionists. His McBride’s Wonderground magic nightclub has just completed its ninth year in Las Vegas.

McBride is also a much sought-after lecturer and workshop leader for many diverse groups. He is the founder and leader of the McBride Magic & Mystery School, based in Las Vegas, and widely known as the world’s leading source for magical learning.

McBride's magic has been featured on every major television network, with appearances on The World Magic Awards and Masters of Illusion on the CW Network, Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, and as a celebrity judge on VH-1's Celebracadabra!, and on A&E's Mindfreak with Criss Angel. McBride has even "Gone where no magician had gone before" as a special guest star on Star Trek - Deep Space Nine.

  Nick Diffatte                       

At 21, Nick Diffatte is quickly becoming one of the most talked about and in-demand young comic magicians working today. His unique brand of entertainment seamlessly blends dry humor, quick wit, and incredible skill. His performances are presented with perfect comedic timing and a deadpan delivery that has kept audiences laughing uncontrollably all over the country for over 14 years. Most recently, Nick has been seen in a residency at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas, The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, luxury cruise lines and The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS.






Patrick Martin

With performances for three administrations of the White House, top Fortune 100 companies, the Olympic Arts Festivals and celebrity-hosted events, Patrick Martin is one of the most sought after corporate and society entertainers in the country.

In addition to performing, Mr. Martin creates illusions for television, film and the theatre productions, and has designed magical special effects for stadium rock concerts as well as for the San Francisco Opera and Salle Garnier Opera House in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Patrick Martin will be sharing with us a number of novel and entertaining effects, as well as staging techniques and psychological touches for creating compelling presentations that make even small effects play well to larger audiences.




 Luna Shimada                        

Luna Shimada has been performing in top venues across the world from the showrooms of Las Vegas, and everywhere from the United States to Europe and Japan.

Luna has also been featured in countless American network TV specials and  was also the recipient of the prestigious  “World Magic Award”  as “Best Female Magician” which aired nationwide on prime time Fox network. 

Luna is a philosopher and a teacher of magic Her many talents encompass music, writing, dance, performance art and poetry. She began her career on stage early at the age of 12, and has spent the last 30 years honing her craft, and is now recognized in the world of magic today as one of the best female magicians of our time.

According to "Rolling Stone" magazine. She is the quintessential renaissance woman of our day. 


Rick Merrill

It was 2003 when Rick first began to develop the magic act that would eventually take him around the world.  By 2004, Rick had won the top prize at national conventions of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians, the two largest and oldest magic organizations in North America.  In addition to 1st Place, Rick brought home awards in Originality and Comedy. The biggest compliment, however, may have been the “People’s Choice” distinction awarded to him at both conventions.

After this national success, Rick won the FISM Grand Prix in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. He also won the rarely awarded Comedy Award at FISM.  Since FISM, Rick has traveled the world with his unique brand of comedy and magic. He has performed in over 40 countries headlining conventions, festivals and private and corporate events.





   Steve Valentine               

Born in Scotland, raised near London, Steve’s been performing since the age of five.  He has appeared in in 250 hours of television, a dozen movies, countless commercials, two multi-award winning video games, and four television series.

In the world of variety and magic Steve is highly sought after and highly respected for his work.

A multi-award winner at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Steve has literally toured the world performing and has created original, mind blowing magic for himself and other professional magicians, including a mind bending 22 hour course on his favorite trick, called C2P.

Steve has recently been performing his one man show, “Live & Other Deceptions” in theaters in the Los Angeles area.      


Chris & Neal

Chris and Neal are full time family entertainers who perform hundreds of shows every year, with libraries and family events as their specialty. Chris and Neal will be giving you a "taste" of their high energy show and sharing the secrets of their success with topics such as social media marketing, branding, fee negotiation, dealing with price objection, creating a celebrity image, getting your foot in the door, building client rapport, keeping the audience engaged, and getting booked back.

Michael Trixx                               

Michael Trixx has been featured on NBC’s America’s Got Talent and has won many magic awards including South Carolina and Florida State Championship of stage magic. He has amazed audiences across the US, The UK, Mexico and China. Trixx’ stage show is a fast paced, adrenaline-based night of magic, “Guaranteed to entertain!”

Due to his passion for Rock N’ Roll, the amazing effects you will witness are backed with many of Trixx’ favorite rock classics and his high energy.

Michael’s unique style and exciting antics will keep you on the edge of you seat. This show consists of many classic and modern magic effects including the appearance and vanishing of many live birds, Plus many bits of humor and much more…                 






All Talent is Subject to Change

















All Talent is Subject to Change