Lance Burton Teen Seminar



Join us for the 2021 Lance Burton Teen Seminar. If you are an I.B.M. Member between the ages of 13-19, you can attend the Lance Burton Teen Seminar ABSOLUTELY FREE.

The Seminar will be facilitated by none other than Jeff McBride and Dr. Lawrence Hass, the Founder and the Dean of the world-famous Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas.  It will also feature special guests. 

Dates for the Seminar are the evening of July 5th, all day July 6th, and half a day on July 7th. The program will also continue for one hour per day during the I.B.M. convention which is July 7-10, in Pittsburgh, PA,

We are ecstatic to announce that as well as the Lance Burton Teen Seminar being FREE, the actual convention will also be FREE to all I.B.M. Youth Members under the age of 18. We have also made a special concession to Non-Magician Parents, whereas they can attend the convention for the low price of $150 each, to make it affordable for them to accompany their children.

The McBride Magic and Mystery School has been facilitating Lance Burton’s Teen Seminar since its inception in 2003. In the past our special guest instructors have included Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Suzanne, Oscar Munoz, Joe M Turner, Larry Hass, Joshua Jay, Jessica Jane, Bill Cook, and Shawn Farquhar.

If you are a teen and have a serious interest in magic then this is the place to be in July, 2021… seriously! Need more info?  Contact Simone Marron at To sign up for the Lance Burton Teen Seminar, please download the application form by CLICKING HERE. You can complete and email it back to Don't forget to register for the 2021 I.B.M. Convention by CLICKING HERE.