The I.B.M. Benevolent Show Program

    "Operations Tricks Are Treats" is the name of the I.B.M.'s Benevolent Show Program. It is intended to bring magic performances to hospital-bound patients, gain positive public image exposure for the I.B.M. at both the international and local level, and introduce prospective members to the art and the organization. It is supervised at the International level, and operated by the local Ring.

    The program was tested in a few selected cities the first year—three cities in the U.S.A., and one city in Canada. It proved to be highly successful and rewarding, and is now being continued and expanded to include the entire international organization. "Operation Tricks Are Treats" was initially targeted at hospital-bound children during the Halloween season, however this program is now available and recommended for use by local Rings to conduct Benevolent Shows for many types of audiences and facilities throughout the year.

    Please review the “.pdf” file for the Policies and Procedures Manual, downloadable here. It's intended to be printed and placed in sections into a binder to help your Ring arrange benevolent performances for hospitals and other institutions. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated, and will possibly be added to the last section to help future participants.

    There are also downloadable “.jpg” files for printing single-page, 8 1/2" X11" flyers available here, as well as “.jpg” files for printing 12" X 20" posters for bulletin boards available here

    Every person who takes part in this program must be very flexible. There are at least three primary areas of activity that must be addressed: ring participation, hospital administration, and media coverage. There are also several additional considerations such as hospital requirements and compliance, insurance, and trademarking.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact:


Don Greenberg
4450 Peace Valley Road
New Waterford, Ohio 44445
Home:     1-330-457-2345
Mobile:   1-330-519-6699


Dr. Marshall Cyrlin, MD
29275 Northwestern Highway, Suite 200
Southfield, Michigan 48034
Office:      1-248-353-1750
Mobile:    1-248-217-0564


Dal Sanders
3316 Northaven Road
Dallas, Texas 75229
Home:     1-214-902-9200
Mobile:    1- 214-543-114


Randy Vander Wal
946 Miede Street
Jenison, Michigan  49428
Home: 1-616-457-2939
Mobile: 1-616-204-0302


    Download the ‘.pdf’ file for the Policies and Procedures Manual here...


    Download the ‘.jpg’ file for the single-page, 8 1/2" X11" flyer here...


    Download the ‘.jpg’ file for the 12" X 20" poster for bulletin boards here...