Order of Merlin

The History of the Order of Merlin

In 1966, the International Brotherhood of Magicians created a special award to recognize our longest-term members who have given twenty-five or more uninterrupted years of service to the organization. This elite group, the Order of Merlin, has now grown to 3,300 members. Over the years we have added three additional tiers of awards. These are:.

35 Consecutive Years - Order of Merlin Shield

50 Consecutive Years - Order of Merlin Excalibur

60 Consecutive Years - Order of Merlin Excelsior

One of several benefits of being a member of the Order of Merlin is the opportunity to attend the Order of Merlin Breakfast at the I.B.M. Annual Convention and hear a special guest speaker. Previous speakers have included Tom Mullica, Lupe Nielsen, Dale Salwak, and Rick Heath.
Each year, new Order of Merlin members, as well as those advancing to new tiers of membership, who attend the Annual Business Meeting are individually recognized and photographed with the International President as their certificates are presented.
Order of Merlin members are also given first opportunity to register for the next year’s I.B.M. Annual Convention.
I have been given the honor to chair this committee.
Shawn Farquhar at shawn@magichampion.com.