Member Benefits

Just what is included when you join I.B.M?


• The Linking Ring

The Linking Ring, the I.B.M.'s monthly journal, is mailed to all regular members. Each magic-packed issue contains 160 glossy pages of ads, features, and photos. You'll read columns on storytelling presentations, the business of magic, card magic (backed up by online video performances) and other close-up magic, plus a monthly "Hocus Pocus Parade" of tricks submitted by members and I.B.M. Rings. Magic history and history-in-the-making appear in every issue. No magic organization or magazine provides more comprehensive coverage of a magic convention than The Linking Ring in its in-depth reviews of the Annual I.B.M. Convention. Our official photographer, Michael Messing, provides stunning photos of the outstanding stage acts, close-up magic, lectures, and other convention activities. There is no more complete or better publication in magic than The Linking Ring. With over 90 years of continuous publication, it is considered by many to be the journal of record for the magical arts. As an I.B.M. member you also have immediate access to each issue through this website and through our mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. 



The Linking Ring mobile app is available for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices from the App Store, Amazon, and Google Play. The app gives members immediate access to all issues of The Linking Ring going back to 2010. Push notifications let members know when a new issue is available. Once the app is downloaded and the user logs in, future access is as simple as tapping the app icon on the phone or tablet and selecting which issue to read.

All of the features that have been available in our Online Digital Edition since July 2010 are also available in the new mobile app. This includes toggling between layout and text mode, jumping to an article by tapping the title on the contents page, bookmarking, advanced search features, and enhanced access to advertisers. (For example, after selecting an advertiser, a member has four options to help him buy or get information: view the actual page in The Linking Ring on which the ad appears, go to the advertiser's website, click an icon to create an email, or tap a phone icon to call the company—without leaving the app.)

Username and password for the mobile app is the same as the member's username and password on our website.

• The Linking Ring Online

All members receiving our journal are also able to read it online, available on the day on the first day of each month. You have your choice of an Online Digital Edition (optimized for tablets and smartphones) or a downloadable PDF version. This gives you a timely heads-up on ads, tricks to perform for others before they see them, plus access to any area of special interest. This is especially important for non-US members who receive their journals later due to the distances involved.

• Free download of Roberto Giobbi’s Introduction to Card Magic!

Through the generosity of the I.B.M. Endowment and Development Fund and Roberto Giobbi, one of the world’s leading teachers of card magic, all I.B.M. members may download this special edition eBook. Using a powerful combination of detailed text, photographs, and video, this 155-page manual is an excellent resource for learning card magic. Follow this book step by step, and you will be able to give an impressive and baffling demonstration of card magic. Even advanced card workers will benefit from Giobbi’s thorough methods of teaching magic. Sign In and Download Roberto Giobbi’s Introduction to Card Magic.

• ACCESS TO The Linking Ring Collection (1922-2008)

Now the entire collection of our journal from 1922 to 2008, is available online to all current Linking Ring paper and digital subscribers. They are readily searchable through Ask Alexander. This is a fantastic reservoir of magic from the top magicians of their day. Many magical gems are recorded here and available to baffle those who have forgotten or never seen them. And, of course, all the history, advice, detailed biographies of magicians from around the world are available. 

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• Fellowship and support of 250 Local Clubs (Rings) in 88 countries

Local I.B.M. magic clubs, we call them "Rings," may be found across the United States, and in hundreds of countries. You can find out where they are on the Portal and may be able to join a Ring you find in your area. We do give them the ability to accept or reject international members, however, but this is rare for most Rings are welcoming and  their monthly (or more often) meetings are a great place to make friends who share your interest in Magic and offer programs and lectures to help you improve yours.

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• World-class Annual International Magic Convention

The I.B.M. Annual Convention is universally agreed to be the best magic convention anywhere—from performers and lecturers, to dealers, stage shows, and contests. This convention is open to anyone interested in Magic. Of course, members pay a lower registration fee, but except for official meetings and the Order of Merlin Breakfast, all events and the always fabulous dealers' room are open to all people registered, regardless of membership.

• online Ring 2100

Join other members for magic discussions and fellowship in the world's only completely online I.B.M. Ring.

• Free Profile Page for Individual Members

One of the significant perks of your I.B.M. membership is the free web profile page for individual members that you can use on the I.B.M. Website. This is a chance for you to have an official page of your very own on the I.B.M. website—and at no cost!  Share your bio, social media links, photos, and many other profile items to get your name out.

• Quality I.B.M. Apparel and Merchandise

Visit our Logo Shop at the Annual I.B.M. Convention for items to be worn and used with pride. Show your pride in membership and let others know you are a magician with I.B.M. regalia. Clothing, accessories such as briefcases, desk sets, key rings, pens and pencils, plaques and awards, etc.

• Affordable performers' Liability Insurance

(U.S. and Canadian Members Only) 
We are able to offer Performer's Liability Insurance to members and Rings through a blanket I.B.M. policy running from August 15 of this year to August 15 the following year. Coverage is an excellent $1,000,000 (that's one million) per occurrence and $2,000.000 per event aggregate from a national insurance broker and an A.M. Best "A" rated carrier. Premiums are based on the member's annual gross receipts.

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• group insurance benefits to I.B.M. members

(U.S. Members only) The I.B.M. has entered into an exclusive agency agreement with Association Health Programs (“AHP”), a duly licensed insurance broker located in Overland Park, Kansas, to furnish group insurance benefits to I.B.M. members. AHP offers access to only national “A” (or higher) rated insurance carriers which provide a large variety of offerings

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