Privacy Policy

I.B.M. is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals. This page summarizes the privacy policy and practises of our organisation's website.

Collection of Personal Information

I.B.M. does not automatically gather any personal information from you, such as your name, phone number, or email address. This information is only obtained if you provide it voluntarily, through contacting us by email or by filling out an online form.

The collection, retention and disclosure of personal information, online or offline, by I.B.M. is governed by the federal ‘Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act’, as well as by provincial privacy statutes and regulations in those Provinces which have enacted their own similar legislation.

This means that, at the point of collection, you will be informed that your personal information is being collected, the purpose for which it is being collected, and that you have a right to access any information collected by us.

Collection of Computer Information and Internet Data

I.B.M. logs HTTP requests to our server. These logs capture computer information, page navigation and visitor click data. While some of the information collected does not identify who you are, other information, such as your domain name or IP address, may identify you depending on the naming standards followed by your Internet Service Provider. You may wish to ask them about their policies and practises.

Generally, the nature of the Internet addressing allows I.B.M. to associate any IP address with a particular Internet Service Provider or network. We make no attempt to associate these IP addresses with the personal information of an individual site visitor, although server logs including IP addresses may be used by us to analyze web traffic to better understand what information and services are of most interest to visitors.

In a case of abuse of our website, I.B.M. may report the IP address of a suspected abuser to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Cookies and Links

We may use ‘cookies’. I.B.M. web servers are able to use 'cookie' technology to keep track of the web browsers with which they are communicating. 'Cookie' related data will not be permanently stored on I.B.M. web servers. Information stored temporarily by such means will not include a visitor's name, address or sensitive data such as a credit card number, even when a credit card is used for an online donation.

The I.B.M. website includes links to other web pages or sites operated by third parties. Certain links may take you away from the I.B.M. website. Our privacy policy will not apply to destinations over which we have no direct control.

Other Means of Communication

Should, for any reason, you wish to obtain information from I.B.M. , or otherwise contact us, without continuing use of our website, kindly utilize the address, phone number, fax number, and contact information listed at the bottom of every I.B.M. website page.

Collection of Email Subscription Information

I.B.M. does collect names and email addresses which are provided voluntarily by those who use the ‘Subscribe’ form on our website, in order to send regular e-mail messages containing information about our ministry. In every email we send to those on our contact list, there is a link which allows the recipient to unsubscribe. Clicking this link will ensure that no further email subscription information is received.