Membership has its privileges and we're going to prove it again. Magic JAMs. are FREE one day events filled with magic and fun around the world and it's all FREE to I.B.M. members.  No we can't visit everyone of the nearly 400 Rings but we have selected a number of locations around the globe that don't often get a visit from the I.B.M. and a few key locations that are easy to reach.

All I.B.M. JAMs will be for members only (must bring your membership card) and will feature I.B.M. members presenting lectures and shows during the course of the day.  Bring along your own magic to perform and share.  After all, it's a "jam."

If you are interested in your Ring hosting an I.B.M. Magic JAM in your area, contact us at office@magician.org to see if it is viable to set up a JAM in your city.