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Aah-Some Finnish Storyteller Extraordinaire

Cheryl Sawyer

About Cheryl Sawyer

I have the most fabulous job. I'm a storyteller. I get to laugh every day.

Since I don't use books to show pictures, my storytelling taps into the enchantment of imagination. Even the listener who thought a storyteller would be boring listens intently as the images unfold. My most requested story by all ages is the "3 Bears" recited in the Finnish language and understood by all with many laughing so much, it drowns out my voice at times. Illusions,balloon sculpturing and humor are mainstays. Join me on the adventure of exploring the child within each of us! For more information call 651-665-0592, email at aahsome@gmail.com or website http://finnstoryteller.tripod.com (don't use www.)

  • Entertaining!
  • Motivational
  • Conveys messages with humor, illusions & balloon figures
  • Audience participation
  • Reinforces self worth
  • Promotes cultural heritage
  • Compatible for mixed audiences
  • Member of I.B.M. Ring 19 Magic Club
  • Member of Northland Storytelling Network

Cheryl is a storyteller, magician, balloon artist, fun mom, cancer survivor, and speaks Finnish. You will say she is so AAHSOME! Perfect for family audiences, schools, libraries, corporate banquets, senior citizens, or community festivals. Satisfaction guaranteed for ages 3 to 104 years or all laughter will be returned.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or All Laughter Returned!