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T. J. Regul, The Quad City Magician

About Terrence Regul

 T. J. Regul, The Quad City Magician is taking the Midwest by storm with his hilarious, high energy magic shows specially designed to thrill and amaze your entire family.  His love for magic and passion for entertaining began in Elgin, IL over 15 years ago.  His younger brother taught him a card trick to share with residents of a group home where he was working.  Since then, T. J. has been the President of the Quad City Magic Club and the Magician of the year.  He presents magic at library’s, festivals and theaters all over the Midwest.  T. J. Regul, a former Elgin resident turned professional magician wants to share an evening of laughter, fun and magic with you!  People that have witnessed his act say, “You will laugh your funny bone right out of your body!”  See for yourself what others are raving about.  Visit www.quadcitymagician.com to learn more.