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The Magic Of Nick Rizzo

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About Nicholas Rizzo

Nick is frequently described as a magic Patch Adams.  This sleight-of-hand doctor learned years ago that medicine and surgery cannot always solve one of man's basic needs: to have fun and laugh! In some cultures, the word "medicine" means anything that makes you feel better. And for Nick, this includes magic that takes you back to the innocence of youth by making you wonder again.

Nick jokes that he has some very expensive wallpaper. He has a B.A., an M.D, and a J.D. He also holds a certificates in Culinary Arts and Healthcare Law.

Nick performed as a part-time professional from 1997 to 2013, with children's shows, adult strolling and close-up, and traveled a bit with a comedy club set. He was published in the Linking Ring, and featured in Balloon Magic Magazine. Today, tug his sleeve or tap his shoulder to do a trick and he will be quick to dust off the cards and coins!