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Currently preforming as Tricked Out Magic for childrens parties with my wife operating the balloon animals and face painting part of the gig. Availible for small or large stage shows on Vancouver Island and operating a small ecommerce business to sell the custom remote control devices i build for magicians as Mjollnirs Magic Prop Shop.

A profesional tattoo artist for the last 28 years durring the day but an obsessed magician when im not tattooing in those magical markings. Also an avid FPV drone racing and freestyle pilot known as a race pilot for the team at fpvmafia.com. I build, sell and race custom First Person View drones. With alot of RC and small electronics in my background, I can build/design anything I can dream of and love putting that knowege into my magic shows.

A member of the Wheat City Wizards in Regina back in the early 1990's was where I found my love for magic. Warren Smith sold me my first set of chinese sticks the first day we moved to saskatchewan and then introduced me to the local club after selling me everything he could.

I worked for Pat Roth Clowns and Mimes for 7 Years in Regina where I was taught stage, voice and body movement by Pat Roth who was once a student of Marcel Marceau. Pat Roth had me preforming on the main stage at The Center for the Arts in Regina and filming commercials for CKCK TV at the age of 14 years old and also preforming 2-5 birthdays every weekend. I remember wanting to be a magician so badly but I had to dress up as a clown to be taken seriously due to my age lol. At the age of 16 I got a job as the first shop manager for Denis the magician magic supplies when they opened in Regina befor moving the store to Edmonton. Opening every trick to learn how they were done and endlessly practicing each one was my young heaven. I studied the Tarbell Course in Magic and every other book that was open for 4 wonderful years. I drifted over to tattooing as a more solid income at that time and magic and art work took me on a wonderful walkabout for almost 15 years as I traveled across Canada and a few other countries working in shops tattooing and preforming magic at small events and gatherings once every other month or so until 3 years ago when I became paralysed from the chest down. I sat in a wheel chair for over a year and realised that magic had to be back in my life. 

Now I do as many shows of every size I can that my body lets me do and I focus on making myself and anyone who wants to look my way feel amazed at what we can acomplish

Studying magic and cards for the last 30+ years and I still love it