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The Soulful Magic Of Mark Townsend

"Mark creates a magical experience that reaches the heart and soul" JEFF MCBRIDE

About Mark Townsend

"Mark's style of magic is concerned with bringing wonder back to life. He combines his own priestly traditions with magical effects and ancient myth and metaphors, thus creating performances that touch people deeply" EUGENE BURGER "Mark is both Magician and Priest. Don’t let that frighten you. Mark has the insight to reveal the mysterious in Christianity, combining both worlds towards a more universal spiritual whole. Mark envisions personal spiritual evolvement with wonder; the miraculous as a natural part of daily life." KENTON KNEPPER "Mark is a world class performer of truly beautiful magic" ROMANY - DIVA OF MAGIC "Mark's Magic appeals not only to the eye, but also to the soul. It brings out the child from within that lays dormant in us all. Simple wonderful!" MIKE DANATA - MAGICIAN / SINGER