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The Illusion Man

Everyone has dreams. Some people chasing them, others make them. I live them.

About Marc Casellato

 Marc Casellato is born in Turin - Italy in 1974. He started his interest on magic at the age of four.

At the age of thirtheen he was one of the youngest member of the Circolo Amici della Magia di Torino. He started to perform magic on the national tv and in several tv series and movies.

Author of two books on magic for beginners ("Magia" and "Ciak si magica!"), is also a appreciated magic lecturer: "Evidence", "Cerebrities", "Once upon a Time", "The Illusion Man".

In 2008 has directed the documentary "Le Marchand de Reves" based on the relationship between magic and the birth of the cinema. His lecture has travelled around many countries and got everywere a standing ovation. The research was a premiere at the Montecarlo Magic Star.

He is a magic and stage consultant for shows, commercials and music show.

His most famous show is "The Illusion Man", trademark of all his productions, is a journey around history of magic full of card and close up magic, mental effects and stage manipulations.

Press defined Marc Casellato as one of the most creative, elegant and generous artists of magic.