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Kolkata, is well known as the Mecca of Magic in India.  Magician SHYAMAL KUMAR of Kolkata and his World of Magic need no introduction.

The show critics praise him with high esteem. Magician SHYAMAL KUMAR has been cited in a review in Cine Advance for  his “Wonderful Magic” and praised by The Asian Age for being “an act no MC can imitate”. According to The Telegraph, Magician SHYAMAL KUMAR brings “A bit of Magic for every home”. The Times of India has noted that “SHYAMAL KUMAR has been working for many years for the upliftment of the art of Magic”. The Hindustan Times has called him “A Magical story teller”, and The Sunday Statesman has described him as a performer who is “restlessly innovative in his personality”.

To him Magic is not only a great art, but the finest. The art of Magic blossoms and forms different bouquets in different seasons in his hands. Magician SHYAMAL KUMAR with thousands of performances to his credits on  close-up, platform and stage Magic with emphasis on colourful entertainment. His articles on Magic have been published in different foreign magic journals, and he has written two books on Magic in Bengali-viz, Esho Magic Sikhi and Sahaj Tasher Magic.

INDIA has ever produced  an artist who will be able to popularize the art of Magic in new dimensions around the World.


ü    Performance at the Royal Court in a Bengali Feature Film “Goopy Bagha Phire Elo” as a magician by Sandip Ray in 1992 (A Satyajit Ray’s production)

M  MayaMayam Award from a National Level Convention at Hyderabad in 2004

      Selected  in “Salam Bengal”, a prestigious award ceremony that salutes all those who have made Bengal proud in the fields of Sports, Education in 2009

"    Order of Merlin-Shield from The International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA) in 2019 at Scottsdale, Arizona. 

I    IMA Excellence Award in 2020.

Be  Bharat Talents Best Magicians Awards 2022.

email: magicianshyamal@gmail.com