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Magic Beyond Imagination

About Robert McEntee

On stage, my job as a magician is to make sure that the audience's imagination comes to life. I need to let them experience a sense of wonder and amazement, as well as joy and laughter. But before all that can happen, I need to help YOU, the event planner, transform your imagination into reality. Please go directly to my site to see how I can best help you achieve amazing results at your next event. Please contact me for customized details on any type of event you are planning. Perhaps I can best assist your Corporation by magically promoting your product benefits, or by showing employees how their minds can achieve more in the most entertaining way possible. Schools use my programs to show students how to remember important lessons in the most amazing program they'll see, while even raising PTA funds. Your goal may be simpler - having a truly unforgettable, fantastic Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. In any case I literally guarantee the success of your event!