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Kenton Knepper

About Kenton Knepper

 Kenton Knepper is a magician and mentalist who is considered one of the top creative forces in magic and mentalism. 

Kenton is known for Linguistic Deception, Wonder Words (NLP in Magic and Mentalism), Kolossal Killer, creating the terms and principles "Dual Reality" "Off By One" and "Propless Mentalism", to name just a few of his contributions to magic.

Kenton's students are well known in mentalism as well, such as Peter Turner, Luke Jermay, Fraser Parker, Pablo Amira, Luca Volpe, and Steve Wachner, to name some modern Kenton students.

Kenton's creations have been performed in one form or another in nearly every country of the world.

Kenton is a guest teacher at the McBride Mystery School, and teaches in his own Inner Sanctum school at www.WonderWizards.com


"Kenton's work has been almost single handedly responsible for much of the 'new' mentalism of today." - Bob Cassidy


“Kenton's Wonder Words can even make mimes speak. I am living proof.” - Jeff McBride