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The Magic Of Joe Pacheco

Making Your Child's Party A Memorable One

About Joe Pacheco

Welcome to my Wonderful World of Magic. If you are looking for a Magical Entertainer, you have come to the right place. With over 25 years of experience working with children and adults, from Birthday Parties to an Off-Broadway Variety Show, I'm considered to be one of the Best Family Entertainers in NYC. My shows consist of blended combination of Magic, Music, Comedy, Birds, Audience Participation and a Special Effect with the Celebrated child. Here are some of the features of my program: ★ My doves make their magical appearance, they are so cute that you will hear the kids “ooh” and "aah” and love to pet them. ★ Every child gets my Mystery Dollar with instructions on how to do four tricks to take home, absolutely free. ★ Balloon animals for all children. ★ The celebrated child is featured in a special effect and will be the Star of the show. ★ The celebrated child will get his/her very own “Million Dollar Bill” with a special message, and ★ A “Magician’s Special Assistant Certificate” will be given to the celebrated child for his/her assistance! To make that special event you have in mind into a Memorable one Call right now! Joe Pacheco (718) 384 - 0595 Joe.pacheco@yahoo.com