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James Songster

It all started as a child with a desperate need for attention

About James J Songster

James Songster will tell you he has no hometown. His dad liked to move. A lot. In time, James found himself in San Diego and took to hanging out in Balboa Park where he became a street performer, originaly as a “mime,” but eventually becoming a street magician. He found that as a solo street performer he was in effect a one-man theater company. This awakened in him an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for problem solving.

James is an award winning magician who has performed internationally and has been seen on television in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. Owner and Director of Talent for “It’s Unbelievable Magic” and co producer of the highly successful Magic & Mayhem Dinner and Show in Orlando FL, he knows that the opportunity of any show is to engage the audience in the experience and invite them to be a part of creating a magical moment. Every time he walks out on stage he gives it 100% and honestly believes that a sense of wonder is the true secret!

James is also a presenter/facilitator with the Walt Disney World Resort, having joined as a cast member in 1992. He is highly regarded and requested by the many Colleges, Universities and High School senior groups who travel to the resort to experience the educational seminars on: Disney's Leadership Stategies and Disney's Techniques of Teamwork. In 2013 James was recognized by the Walt Disney Company with the Disney Legacy Award.