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I have been fascinated with magic since I was a kid. One of my uncles (Frank Ramirez) was a professional magician and I grew up watching him cut and restore pieces of rope and making doves appear from nowhere. He had a walk-in aviary in his back yard where he kept his doves and we would always peer into it whenever we went to visit. One of his signature pieces was performing the Linking Hula Hoops.
The first trick I ever performed was cutting a short piece of rope (with my fingers pretending to be scissors) and then restoring it again. When I saw my uncle actually use a pair of real scissors to do the trick with a longer piece of rope, I felt very inadequate. I stuck with it as a child, though, and bought magic sets and special card decks until I was 12. Then we moved to a small town away from my uncle and the magic seemed to have been put on hold.
About 20 years later, I got the bug again. I was playing on the internet and came across a magic website where I found the 3-way coloring book for sale. I made my first purchase and I was hooked. I purchased a few more things that I remembered from when I was a kid and started to perform them.
Other than performing for my family, my first performance was for the members of my church. Then I performed for a Pathfinder Club (similar to Boy and Girl Scouts) fundraiser event. I used magic in between talent show acts when I was the emcee. I have performed for various birthday parties and holidays, outdoors, in living rooms, garages, gymnasiums, churches, and actual stages.
I took a break from performing for a few years, but when I recently moved to the Palm Springs area, I joined a magic club and now I’m performing again.