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Fredrick Hugo

Classic magic with a modern twist

About Fredrick Hugo

Fredrick Hugo has taken the best of sleight of hand magic and has been carefully crafting his own magic that truly is one of a kind. Taking old effects and making them new is part of Fredrick’s specialty. This creates  a show that is unlike any other. Thought provoking, clever, and entertaining. The seemingly effortless movement and conversation that Fredrick creates is both entertaining and mind-breaking.

Growing up in a small town gave Fredrick the opportunity to have a lot of free time to work on his craft. To seek out the best version of magic available and then evolve it. He learned to build his own items and how to work in a variety of environments.

Invite Fredrick Hugo to your next event and be ready to have playing cards become living entities. Watch coins fly from hand to hand. He will read your mind and explain how mind reading is ‘real’ but not in the way you think. And He will show you amazing feats that all all done by a volunteer. Done with authentic sleight of hand Fredrick Hugo will convince your eyes of impossibility.