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About Richard-Doc-Ricker Soos

I retired from the military in 1999 and performed magic at every location I was assigned while serving. When assigned to Florida, I befriended The Amazing Sammy Chiprut, worked with him and Maria Ibanez for four years in 1979-1983 and joined Ring 45 with them. I was next sent to Korea for a short tour and performed stage and parlor shows in all the local clubs and Base wide festivals after which I was transferred back to Florida and got to work with Bob Bengal and Hiawatha joining ring 42 during my 2 year stay near St. Pete. I then transferred back to Korea performing in more locations and shared magic all over the country. Guam was my next location, at which I shared my magic by creating the Latte Stone Magic Club in 1989 while performing at the Hilton and Pacifica Club during my off duty time while 2 other full time magicians (Rick T. and Ken S.) were working the other clubs. I then was transferred to this little town Sumter, SC in 1993 meeting up with Tony Metze and John Tudor. I mainly create and design my own magic to perform for all kinds of themes due to my traveling and supporting our military. One of my effects, going platinum according to Jeff McBride and Others, called Mercury's Gift, the floating gift bag has taken off as being one of the best multilevel performing props in years. I am still in Sumter, SC but travel to lecture and perform monthly within the local states while still working for the Air Force as a General Service Employee.