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David Blakey

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Currently a stage designer in community theatre, using the techniques of magic to achieve effects.


2018: The Lady in The Van (by Alan Bennett); Ellerslie Theatrical Society

Van appeared to reverse onto the stage using a truck underneath a fixed platform with a real van wheel attached downstage and lighting on rear of two red brake/stop lights and two white reversing lights.  This effect was achieved in near darkness and appeared to be a van reversing onto the stage.

2017: Festen (by David Eldridge); Ellerslie Theatrical Society

Bed on stage was three sections which were stood up to form tables for dinner.  This effect was done while the cast danced and sang a congo across the stage, so that many audience members reported that they did not see the transformation.

2012: The Winter's Tale (by William Shakespeare); Ellerslie Theatrical Society

Towards the end of the play, a crate was wheeled on on a hand truck and placed centre stage.  The strapping around it was removed and the top taken off.  Then all four sides were removed simultaneously and taken offstage, revealing Hermione standing as a statue on the base.  This was done using four different effects.

2007: The Weir (by Conor McPherson); Ellerslie Theatrical Society

Various effects, including actors drinking from 'pint' glasses, an apparently operational bar pump, and the effect of opening a wine-bottle using a bottle and corkscrew and two other rigged bottles (one a bottle with the corkscrew in the cork, and the other an uncorked bottle and a cork on a corkscrew).