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Amethyst The Wizard

Magic resides within us.

About Bill Fulton

 Amethyst the Wizard, Bill Fulton, retired from performing in 2014

Bill worked for the Arkansas Department of Education for 36 years as their Science Education Specialist. Bill Spooner, past-president IBM 1985-86 and Jim Henson, Mr. Magic of Little Rock, were Bill’s mentors and sponsors for IBM Membership.

BIll performed as Amethyst the Wizard and with Arkansas Masters of Illusion performers group around the state. Arkansas' Masters of Illusion is a group of award-winning Arkansas magicians that have performed together since 2001. Together they provide a variety of comedy, mystery, illusions, and old fashion fun for all age groups. All are members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Bill served on the local board and is a past-president of Little Rock’s Ring 29.

Bill developed a magic curriculum for ages 5-17 and taught magic either privately or at the Community School of the Arts at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and now at the Adventures in Art at the Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church in Little Rock with other members of the Masters of Illusion. Before he retired, Bill created and managed the Master’s website for many years.

At each of Bill’s appearances, he was introduced with the following script, “True wizards like Gandalf, Allanon, Merlin, and Sparrowhawk used charms, spells, incantations, and rituals to produce magical effects, control events or to cause people to experience life differently. Bill Fulton is a practitioner of real magic that resides within all of us. It is the power that allows us to do magical things and to have mystical experiences. Real magic lives in our minds and hearts.”

Bill is retired but still carries some close-up magic on his person and occasionally performs an effect in the art class he teaches to seniors like himself.