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Hi! Thanks for visiting my page! Assistant M (on the left) and I (Magic A) are a magic team that will be using our act to raise money for charities. So far, what we have decided is that we are willing to perform for people as long as they can provide payment for gas money and make a generous donation to the Vasculitis Foundation (unless there is another charity that you are really passionate towards, it can be negotiated).
You're probably wondering, "What is Vasculitis?" It's okay. I didn't know what it was at first either. It's basically a super rare disease that is inflammation of blood vessels. It causes serious problems to the body and can cause organ and tissue damage. Feel free to check out more information at 

About Us: We're a duo that is part of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of American Magicians! Magic A has been doing magic ever since she was little (card manipulations are her favorite) and is building and creating new magic tricks as you read this. Assistant M grew up in a magical world too. We're two buddies who found a way to use our unique hobby to help people. Magic A is the brains and Assistant M is the beauty. It's a good combination and both are pretty funny, if not, they're at least entertaining. So for a good time call...

Feel free to contact us through Facebook or contact us at amazing.magic.a@gmail.com (you probably have better chances getting a response through e-mail)
Have a great day!