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"Illusion Or Delusion"

The purpose of our show is to show God’s love to children in a fun way!

About Gordon Salsman

 When I was in college I did street magic in San Francisco and later did programs at camps and churches. Now that I am older and not as active I am a part of a program that provides free lunches on the weekends to low income children living in subsidies housing or who are homeless. Along with the lunches we do games and activities with these children. So, doing fun magic tricks is a part of our events. We have a big and bright hot dog cart that looks like a hot dog (the kids love it!); as we set up to feed kids we set up a little stage area for the kids to eat and have a show. I have always loved doing and preforming magic and seeing the wonder in the eyes of children, I am not a great magician but love preforming for the kids, that is why I always want to know and learn more. I try to avoid cards, dice (gambling is a big negative issue in these kid’s family) I also avoid wizards and anything from a dark place… our program is called “Give A Dog” and it is just light hearted fun!