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Gene Gutierrez

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About Gene Gutierrez

 I have been into magic for over 50 years.  And I enjoy all forms of magic. Walk around, stage, close-up, children's magic (birthdays,Libraies etc.) mentalism, cards, coins, etc. I have a nice library with at little over 600 volumns. I watch magic whever I can. Carnivals, circuses, State Fair, Television, the club I belong to Ring 90, conventions. So many places but I really try to find out if there is a magic show where I'm at I will try to get there. I read magic books, magazines, downloads, and intructions at come with the effect. I also watch magic DVDs. I perform when I can either free or pay but I do perform. 

I'm now retired and have really been enjoying it. My past time is trying to put a magic show together for any type of event with music, comdey and most of all good magic. 

I'm married to a beautiful wife for 4 years. We are always looking for places to travel and new experiences to enjoy.