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Colin Eleazer

Magic will not happen unless you BELIEVE!

About Colin Eleazer

Colin began performing at the age of 6 for his Cub Scout Pack after learning a few illusions for his Tiger Cub achievement.  From there, his love of  Magic grew as he began to get more and more people, groups and business' asking him to perform for parties, meetings, store openings and on stage.

In August 2013, he was asked to open for Jeff Civillico's: Comedy in Action at the Quad Resort (Now The Link) on the strip in Las Vegas allowing Colin to perform for the first time to a welcoming Vegas audience at the ripe old age of 8.

Colin continues to perform around his home state of North Carolina and neighboring states and has even performed on two cruise ships.

He takes his craft seriously and upholds the standards of the magic societies he is a member of.  He works hard on perfecting not only the illusions but crafting interesting and humorous stories to tie them together. With the help of his dad, he builds new props and works out his routines.  His mom then proofs the show before going public, to make sure he gives the best performance every time he takes the stage.  What you see when you come to a Magic Kid performance is a performer who writes his own material and loves what he does!

He enjoys seeing other magician's shows and meeting them.  Have you ever met your idol?  Colin has.  While in Las Vegas he was fortunate enough to see David Copperfield's show at the MGM and afterward go backstage and chat with Mr. Copperfield. 

Colin has also become close friends with Merlin Award winner Terry Evanswood and considers Terry his mentor and role model.  Terry has taken time with the young conjurer to give him suggestions for his performances and pass along a few tips of the trade.  Colin enjoys catching Terry's show at Wonderworks, whenever he travels to Pigeon Forge.

Colin looks forward to meeting more magicians as he begins to get more involved in conventions and even competitions.

His motto is: Magic will not happen unless you BELIEVE!  He believes, and every step he has taken on this path has been a magical adventure!  The future is brightest for those who BELIEVE!