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A Magical Interlude

our personna is every bit as important as the illusion

About Frank Harnett

Having seen a former graduate professional magician perform in a yearly school presentation in 1944, I was much impressed....  A well-done manpulative act.  Yhis was in 1944.  Coupled with a student buddy who did simple magic effects prior to class, and to an advanced student in the art at morning assemblies my interest grew.  And I do remember well, a professional at a school show when I was a  second grade student.  He produced a rabbit from a pile of silk scarves.  So that was the beginning.   In my second  year High, I had advanced to performance quality via the James Swoger House of Enchantment in Pittsburgh, PA.  Jim and I became close friends and thru him, I met a local member of the Mystic 52 Club.  Needless to say, my allowances went to this gentlemen who made and sold maiic.              

  Through High School I appeared in a Showboat review with my magic, and graced several assembly stages with the art of prestidigitation.  Progressing, I did the Bowling banquet circuit, worked the various fraternal clubs.  Joined the IBM in the mid 1940s but through the Korean War years,  service interrupted my membership.  Became a member again and attained Order of Merlin staus a couple years ago.  I have also been a member of the SAM.  Today, though retired magic wise, I still get to hione my skills as a performer.

I have always liked manipulative magic, and received a Memorable mention for a routine and effects in a Linking Ring Parade in the 1950s.


Currently living in Las Vegas, NV.