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About Michael Nguyen

 Michael Nguyen is a part-time professional magician with a passion of entertaining others, generate smiles and wonder. An easy going and relaxed gentleman who can make children laugh and mystify all ages. He has a variety of skills and set pieces that can fit many needs of the client. His main focus is visual magic! 



Children's Birthday Show! (Parlor/Living Room/Yard Show)

-A wonderful mix of strong mystifying sleight-of-hand and comedy that will leave not only children but others entertained!




All Purpose Magic Show! (Parlor/Living Room/Yard Show)

-An all purpose, all ages stand up magic show! For entertaining a larger group of people at once. Magical effects are bigger so many can watch.


Close Up Show! (Table Top show)

-A more intimate close up show. Suitable for smaller groups. These shows engage the audience in ways that can only be described as "magical".


Walk-Around/Strolling Magic

-Where the magician walks around approaching guests and perform up close magic. A great side piece of entertainment. Having a party, banquet, or other event with many guests? This is a great option as extra entertainment without overshadowing the main event.






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Experience and Skill set

Classically trained in stage magic and sleight-of-hand from the Chavez Studio Of Magic

Intra-Stage Magic Contest Winner - Oakland Magic Circle 2022

Manipulative Sleight-Of-Hand skills with billiard balls, coins, and cards. Manipulation magic requires no speaking and strictly visual, great for all audiences regardless of language barriers. 8 1/2 Silent Act with music

Rare Close-up magic passed down from from my mentor, Michael Peterson, specializing in cards, sponge balls, and cups. 15 years of dedicated practice.

Former strolling close-up magician for the hookah lounge Wicked Mirage 2016-2017 on club nights.

Oakland Magic Circle 2023 Stage Contest Second Place Winner. Performance below.





Children's shows, All-Purpose shows, and Close-Up magic shows are all $300 in Contra Costa County. All of equal quality. 

Walk-Around magic is $100 an hour. The mission and intent is to show every guest magic in the time slot but may be impossible dependant on number of guests or time allotted. To guarentee every guest has an opportunity to see magic, please email the number of guests and length of the event and we can work out a fair price.

There is a traveling/fuel/time fee of a flat charge of $45 at neighboring counties.

Further travel is dependant on time, toll, and mileage!

Bulk discounts available for day-care sites. Please contact for more information.

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