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Rare Magic

About Michael Nguyen

 Michael Nguyen is a part-time professional magician with a passion of entertaining others, generate smiles and wonder. An easy going and relaxed gentleman who can make children laugh and mystify all ages. He has a variety of skills and set pieces that can fit many needs of the client. 


Children's Birthday Show! (Parlor/Living Room/Yard Show)

-A wonderful mix of strong mystifying sleight-of-hand and comedy that will leave not only children but others entertained!


All Purpose Magic Show! (Parlor/Living Room/Yard Show)

-An all purpose, all ages stand up magic show! For entertaining a larger group of people at once. Magical effects are bigger so many can watch.


Close Up Show! (Table Top show)

-A more intimate close up show. Suitable for smaller groups. These shows engage the audience in ways that can only be described as "magical".


Walk-Around/Strolling Magic

-Where the magician walks around approaching guests and perform up close magic. A great side piece of entertainment. Having a party, banquet, or other event with many guests? This is a great option as extra entertainment without overshadowing the main event.






Experience and Skill set

On-going study and practice under Dale Salwak in the prestigious Chavez Studio Of Magic

Intra-Stage Magic Contest Winner - Oakland Magic Circle 2022

Manipulative Sleight-Of-Hand skills with billiard balls, coins, and cards. Manipulation magic requires no speaking and strictly visual, great for all audiences regardless of language barriers. 8 1/2 Silent Act with music

Rare Close-up magic passed down from from my mentor, Michael Peterson, specializing in cards, sponge balls, and cups. 15 years of dedicated practice.