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About James Bailey III

 I am a professional Magician, escape artist, and actor in Orlando,FL. I started magic when I was young and did it just for fun off and on until I got out of the Navy in 2008. I moved to Orlando in 2013 to pursue magic and acting further and this is where I have made a lot of Magician friends that have mentored me and become really good friends. A few of those friends would be Robert H Moreland of BeautifulLiesMagic, David Mann of DavidMannMagic and Dancing Cane 101. My friend and sometimes partner Matthew Durham of MattDurhamMagic helped me to understand that I could take my magic a step further from just escapes to all kinds of magic and through all that my magic has taken off. My acting has only gotten better since becoming a full time as to a Magician means being an entertainer and I do not believe you can be one without the other.