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Dr. Wilson's Memory Elixir


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The World's Most Amazing Medicine Show

Astonishing feats of memory!
See Dr. Wilson instantly memorize an entire deck of cards, or a long list of memories collected from the audience! Fortified by Dr. Wilson's Memory Elixir, he has memorized an entire dictionary! Meet the man who memorized pi to over 5,000 digits! Learn about the dangers of cataleptic neuroplexy!

Acts of daring!
But wait, there's more! Dr. Wilson's Memory Elixir strengthens the nerves! Dr. Wilson's nerves are sufficiently strengthened to walk barefoot on broken glass! See Dr. Wilson follow in the footsteps of magician Harry Houdini in daring escapes!

Leave your world behind!
Journey beyond the everyday world with Dr. Wilson's Memory Elixir, an old-time medicine show for the crowning achievement of modern medical science! See the sideshow! See the Flea Circus! Don't take our word for it: Read the testimonials! See the press coverage from The Bar Harbor Times, The Mount Desert Islander, Maine Public Radio, WERU and WNSX!