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The Magic comes for YOU, and you CAN do it

About Mary Ann Campbell

My son, John, was first in magic as a youngster.  He wanted to take a break from it.  Not being a stage mother, I just took his stuff and started using it in my college classes.   I did "magic with a message" for my students.  I developed an educational television show, called Money Magic, which aired on Arkansas PBS for 3 years and won two national awards for innovation and content. I traveled internationally and used magic in my speaking.  I volunteered to direct David Copperfield's Project Magic in Arkansas for 15 years.  

When I was developing Money Magic, for educational television Frances Marshall of Magic, Inc. in Chicago took me under her wing.  I visited her often and spent hours on the phone with her. Frances introduced me to the beautiful Frances Willard and incredible June Horowitz.  Marjorie Hass and Becky Blaney are terrific.  Mike Caveney and Tina Lenert are a lovely and super talented couple. I miss Harry Anderson.  Kent Cummins was extra helpful to me in developing "Magic with a Message" for the endings of our Money Magic series, which aired for 3 hours college credit.  

David Copperfield made magic into an international art form.  His museum in Las Vegas preserves our history and I particularly appreciate his section on Women in Magic.  His Project Magic was a gift to patients in rehab in 30 countries as well as the United States.  
Michael Ammar stayed in our home on lecture tours when he was new into magic.  His magic is smooth like a ballet dancer and he's a master teacher. 
I find David Williamson both gifted and entertaining.   Someone I don't know but would like to meet is Mac King.  OMG!  Guy and I went to his show every time we went to Vegas...total entertainment.  
Jimmy Grippo and Johnny Paul would entertain us in Vegas when they were living.  Siegfried and Roy were amazingly generous when we were in town.  They elevated magic.  
I took Jeff McBride's magic course for speakers and was fortunate to work with Gene Burger, Abbi, and Larry Hass.  
After John completed his law degree, he got back into magic and writing. He wrote Scott Robinson's Pure Imagination with Andi Gladwin.  When we attend magic conventions now, his son Walker is with us.