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About Dan Welch

I got interested in magic in my early twenties.  Met an old pro at our campground after he did a show and asked him where he bought his magic.  This led me to catalogs from Abbotts and Tannens.  I spent many good nights reading through those!  I joined the local SAM in 1976 and am now a life member.  Joined the IBM in 1983 and am an Order of Merlin member now.

During my early days I did kid show magic and not much close-up.  My wife and I opened a small magic shop in Rochester, NY called "JoDan's World of Magic".  It didn't last too long but I met a lot of fellow magicians and dealers that I now have life long friendships with.

In Rochester, we used to run the NYCAN convention.  I was registration chairman for many years.  I've also been the General Chairman for MagicFest when it was held in Rochester.

I am also the auctioneer for the MAWNY convention which follows on the heels of the 4F's convention in Batavia.

These days I occasionaly will do a kids show but my main focus now is close-up.   I also have a large collection of Bicycle Brand playing cards. (200+)

I'm active on Instagram and have met many other magic enthusiasts thru that medium.