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Chad Chesmark

Comedy-Magic & Mind-Reading

About Chad Chesmark

Chad Chesmark has performed and spoken to over a million people throughout the course of his 21-year career as a keynote speaker, hypnotist and comedy magician.

He is the author of the best-selling book, "How To Predict The Future By Creating It Yourself - The User's Manual For Your Subconscious Mind."

Chad has performed for every major cruise line, for hundreds of corporate clients, and stared in several Las Vegas shows including his own headlining residencies at The Strat & The Downtown Grand at the House of Magic.

He has the ability to combine his mastery of the subconscious mind, world-class sleight of hand skills, and comedy to deliver a one-of-kind experience for your event.

Each presentation is customized for your audience so that they feel like they're seeing a show that was created just for them.

Whether your goal is have your guests laughing out loud while being amazed or if you'd like Chad to teach your audience how to tap into the most powerful part of their mind... Chad will design the perfect show for you.