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Alex Krey

Let's live, love and be surprised!

About Alex Krey

His ideas are infinite, tricks are unique, and plans are grandiose. Skillfully owning all methods of illyuzionny art, it comes into contact with the audience with ease, surprising them all with new and new miracles. Its smile fascinates, the look bewitches, and the humour loads with a positive. He is the charming, kind wizard.
He is Alex Krey.
The master of illusion in the city of Zernograd of the Rostov region, Russia in a family of the serviceman was born on October 6, 1973. Alex "was infected" with love to focuses in 6 years, having seen on TV the well-known Arutyun Akopyan. The illusionist struck the boy! It had an irresistible desire to be engaged in focuses.
Mother Alex, having decided to support hobby of the son, I led it on Igor Kyo's attraction. After little Alex saw amazing tricks alive, he already didn't doubt at all that becomes the wizard.
He matured, looked for and studied literature on this genre (then it was extremely difficult to be found), stayed a lot of time in libraries. Parents wrote out to it logs "Science and Life", "Young Technician" on which materials future illusionist made an attribute for the focuses. It were different boxes for appearance and disappearance of subjects, the cubes becoming in his hands magic, etc.
With the advent of an attribute the first representations began also. At first for relatives, and since eight years Alex participated in all concerts of amateur performances. He visited all representations in recreation centers and circuses with involvement of conjurers, adopted their experience; specially I went to Moscow on shows Emil and Igor Kyo, Arutyun Akopyan and other illusionists who loaded it with energy and inspired on new ideas.
He wanted to study in circus school, but on a row of the family reasons arrived in the Voronezh Higher Military Aviation Engineering College. For a while it was necessary to forget about the hobby and completely to devote itself to study of a new profession.
After the termination of higher education institution I worked in the specialty, but the love to art of focus overcame. Therefore Alex returned on a scene and began to work over creation of the show. Engineering education allowed it to design independently devices, but it was necessary to make and new turn - to choreography. And in 1995 the illyuzionny show "KreyMagic" already in all pleased the audience.
Cray devoted a lot of time (10 years) to operation in hotels, clubs and on scenic platforms of Turkey, Qatar, the Greek side of Cyprus, South Korea, Oman.
Since 2002 Alex is the operating member of the international brotherhood of magicians, and in 2001, at a festival of illyuzionny art in Turkey, wins a prize for a big contribution to development of an original genre.
In 2008 he becomes the finalist of the show "Phenomenon" on Russia TV channel with legendary Uri Geller.
Now Alex takes the active part in different actions and concerts of Russia, television projects, the illyuzionnykh of tricks enters new submission in execution classical.
Alex Krey is a creative illusionist, the showman, the brilliant improvisator, the personality who attracts to itself attention.