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About Tim Hall

Tim Hall is a professional magician & entertainer based in the Baltimore MD area, who has been entertaining audiences of all ages for over 30 years. You’ve seen magicians before but you haven't experienced one of the top magicians in Baltimore, Tim Hall.
Tim helps corporations and private organizations make their events unforgettable and amazingly fun with unique programs consisting of interactive magic, mind reading, comedy and audience participation.
His interest in magic began at the young age of 8 and he has gone on to become the leading magician in the Baltimore metro area. It’s amazing how often he is recognized throughout town by past clients and fans.
Since 1985, Tim Hall has been entertaining audiences around the country. He has helped some of the top Baltimore companies such as Johns Hopkins Medicine, McCormick & Company, Under Armour, and LifeBridge make their events an unbelievable success!
Whether he is making torn pieces of dental floss restore back to one single piece, predicting what people will think of in their minds or making a signed borrowed $20 bill disappear and reappear in an orange, Tim’s goal is to make you look good by presenting unique & fun entertainment everyone will enjoy and remember forever!