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Memorial LISTINGS For Deceased MemberS of The I.B.M.


31 Oct

Remembering John Calvert

Category: Broken Wand   Written by: JOE M. TURNER

Last Friday the world became a little less magical. John Calvert, a man who was regarded in many entertainment industry circles as "a real-life Indiana Jones," died on September 27 at the age of 102. Mr. Calvert -- despite our friendship, I could never bring myself remotely close to calling him "John" -- was legendary in the magic community. He had an enormous illusion show that toured the world repeatedly in the 1940s and 50s. Mr. Calvert would fly the show on his own plane, transport it on his own yacht, and perform it for thousands of people in venues literally spanning the globe. Read More

02 Oct

John Calvert, 102, died this morning, 9/27, in California

Category: Broken Wand   Written by: I.B.M. Website Editor

John Calvert, 102, the venerable magician, author, and movie star, died Friday morning, September 27, 2013, in Lancaster, California. Word came from two different sources -- Walter Blaney, and Maria Ibanez. An unconfirmed rumor circulated last week about his death, but it proved to be premature. But this time the sad news was true. Walter reported receiving a telephone call from Mr. Calvert's daughter, Madrian, reporting the death. She said Mr. Calvert's long-time wife, Tammy, was at his side. More details will be added here as they become available. Read More

01 Oct

15 magicians honored in October 2013 Broken Wand

Category: Broken Wand   Written by: I.B.M. Website Editor

The October 2013 Broken Wand in The Linking Ring pays tribute to fifteen magicians in a final salute to them for their many years of making people laugh. It is always a privilege to celebrate the lives of those who gave of themselves over the years. These will be printed in the October 2013 issue of The Linking Ring. That issue will appear here on October 1 -- either as a PDF download, or in digital form. Of course hard copies should be delivered by way of the U.S. Postal Service, by the end of the first week of October. Read More

01 Jul

12 Magicians honored in July Broken Wand

Category: Broken Wand   Written by: I.B.M. Website Editor

In the July 2013 issue of The Linking RIng we honor twelve magicians whose deaths we have learned about since the middle of May, when we published the list for June. We celebrate the lives of these men, who devoted much of their lives to bringing joy and laughter to other people. We thank all of those people who have helped honor these men by furnishing to us information (and photos) for these obituaries. Read More

01 Feb

Broken Wand has 19 magicians for February 2013

Category: Broken Wand   Written by: I.B.M. Website Editor

The Broken Wand which appeared in the February 2013 issue of The Linking Ring included obituaries for nineteen magicians, according to Broken Wand editor Dennis Schick. "This is a record number of obituaries for one month," said Schick, "but we had an unusually large number of deaths which were older than six months ago." The I.B.M. membership committee does a great job making contacts for membership renewals. Often that is when we learn of a member's death. But we do want to include these in the archives, as well as to give public notice of the deaths." As always, we ask anyone who hears of a magician's death, to notify the I.B.M. Office ASAP. Read More

01 Nov

November Broken Wand pays tribute to eight magicians

Category: Broken Wand   Written by: I.B.M. Website Editor

The Broken Wand in the November 2012 issue of The Linking Ring honors seven magicians and one magician's assistant. We publish the list here in order that friends might contact the surviving family members to express their condolences. Also, when we have been given the information, we include names and addresses of organizations to which memorial contributions may be made. We appreciate being notified of magician deaths. Please don't assume that someone else has notified the I.B.M. Headquarters. Read More

01 Oct

Broken Wand for October 2012 honors five magicians

Category: Broken Wand   Written by: I.B.M. Website Editor

The Broken Wand which will appear in the October 2012 issue of The Linking Ring, will pay tribute to five magicians who have died, with obituaries. We print these obituaries early, so friends can contact the families sooner. One of them died in 2011, and another in 2010. The I.B.M. Office only found out about their deaths recently. Once again, we ask everyone and anyone, to please report any death of a magician or magician's assistant, to the I.B.M. Office as soon as posible. Please don't assume we already know. Read More

01 Aug

Broken Wand for August 2012 honors 13

Category: Broken Wand   Written by: I.B.M. Website Editor

The Broken Wand for August, 2012, will be published in the August issue of The Linking RIng. That issue will be available to read in digital form on September 1, or to download in a PDF. The hard copies will follow shortly thereafter in the mail, usually by the tenth of the month. In the September Broken Wand we pay tribute to thirteen magicians, for their lives, and for bringing joy and laughter to many people during those lives. Here are those thirteen obituaries. Read More