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28 Oct

Magic and magicians in Las Vegas November 2014

Category: News   Written by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

There are more magicians and magic shows in Las Vegas, Nevada than in any other place on earth. And since it is a major tourist and business destination, it is assumed that many members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians will go there from time to time. So it is a valuable service which magician David Neubauer provides for us and which we pass on to you. Read More

24 Oct

Update on magic in Branson, Missouri

Category:   Written by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

Magicians and magic shows come and go, so it is good to stop every now and then and get an update on magic in any particular location -- especially before heading there. So when we noticed a few changes in Branson, Missouri, we did just that. Here is an update from looking at Websites and reading brochures. Read More

21 Oct

Christopher Hart Booked for I.B.M. 2015 Convention

Category:   Written by: SIMONE MARRON

Christopher Hart is known as “The man with the movie star hand,” after his right hand was featured as THING the loveable disembodied hand featured in three ADDAMS FAMILY Films. His talented hand was also used in the cult horror movie IDOL HANDS as well as numerous television shows and commercials. Read More

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