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23 Jul

'Conjuring Credits' Website Set to Open Friday

Category: News   Written by: SAMUEL PATRICK SMITH

A new free research tool for magicians is slated to appear this week. Conjuring Credits (www.conjuringcredits.com) is a free website devoted to the history and origins of magical sleights, tricks, and concepts. The site is expected to go live on Friday, July 25. In the mid-1980s, Stephen Minch and Max Maven began keeping a record of their research and that of others regarding the history of conjuring. Desiring to share this information with other researchers, writers and students of magic, they envisioned a free website that would make this possible. Read More

20 Jul

Visiting the Rings of the World (China)

Category: Blog   Written by: D. R. FARQUHAR

The I.B.M. is a truly international magic organization with Rings around the globe. It was the vision of our founders to unite magicians who otherwise would not be able to share fellowship due to language and distance. During my year in office I hope to visit as many Rings around the world as possible. Read More

19 Jul

New I.B.M. President Announces New Contest

Category: News   Written by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

The new International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Shawn Farquhar, set as one of his goals during his presidential year, to increase I.B.M. membership, as well as to increase exposure of the I.B.M. to the rest of the world. One incentive to help in this regard is to hold a contest over the next fifty days, leading to a "box full of magic" worth over $200. Read More

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