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09 Dec

I.B.M. President Farquhar offers Christmas Gift

Category: Blog   Written by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

I.B.M. President Shawn Farquhar has been using the Classic Force for many years, and it is one of the standard skills in his repertoire. Now he wants to share what he has learned from several mentors, with other magicians. BUT, he wants to share it for a small price -- $1 OR MORE contribution to a medical fund to help fellow magician Paul Green So your gift will have a double benefit. Read More

05 Dec

I.B.M. JAM (Just About Magic)

Category: News   Written by: SIMONE MARRON

Membership has its privileges and we're going to prove it again. 2015 will be the year of the Magic JAMs. FREE one-day events filled with magic and fun around the world and it's all FREE to I.B.M. members. No we can't visit everyone of the nearly 400 Rings but we have selected a number of locations around the globe that don't often get a visit from the I.B.M. and a few key locations that are easy to reach. Read More

02 Dec

Eric Buss Booked for 2015 I.B.M. Convention in Jacksonville

Category: Convention   Written by: SIMONE MARRON

Eric Buss was born in Tucson, Arizona. When he was born, the doctors all laughed at him. That laughter gave Eric a rush, and at the age of seven seconds he knew he wanted to make people laugh when he grew up… Read More

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