Paul Hallas
See It, Believe It - Entertaining Close Up Magic!

picture Clever Card Magic is an instructional 2 DVD set. Full of killer routines intended for professional entertainers. These are NOT intended for beginners, but others will find these a goldmine of strong professional presentations. $39.99 post paid.

Mind Stuff is a 2 DVD set of mentalism, again these are intended for serious students of mentalism who are looking for formal presentation material. If you're just looking for something to show a friend or use as street entertainment save your money.

Across The Void- A booklet giving you everything you need to know about the "cards across" plot, making cards magically travel from one place to another. History, analysis, references and and many GOOD methods detailed. This highly praised booklet is not a mass marketed item so remains pretty much under the radar. Some of these methods would fool you badly!

OOPS! (On Other People's Shoulders)This book contains perhaps the easiest card stab you're ever likely to come across, two great openers for restaurant workers, one cards and one coins, a new card control and a mixed bag of other routines.