Paul Hallas
See It, Believe It - Entertaining Close Up Magic!

picture Paul is professional entertainer, creator of magical effects and a magical author. From books on packet effects like "Small But Deadly" (2002) or its sequel "Still Small Still Deadly" (2010), perhaps THE book on the cards across plot "Across The Void" or the mixed magical collection "Magic From The Overground" (2008)or "Mentalism With Cards",Paul's creativity spans across magic and mentalism.

Paul has several marketed effects to his name, first releasing effects to the market in the eighties. Two of the fastest selling were the ones released through Meir Yedid,"Hare Raising Hats"released in July 2011 and "ESPecially Wild" first released in 1988 and going through several reprints. Newer releases include "The Tree of Knowledge", "Wolf At The Door" and "The Chicken and Egg Revelation".

His "Mentalism With Cards" originally a hardcover is now available as a softcover. It received an excellent review in the September 2012 issue of "The Linking Ring" magazine when initially released (which also includes another One Man Parade from Paul .

His latest book is "OOPS: Magic and Mentalism" due out July 2018.

International Brotherhood of Magicians members may also care to check out Paul's two earlier "One Man Parade" features in their "Linking Ring Magazine", April 2007 (volume 87 no.4) and February 1996 (volume 76 no.2.)

Other magazines Paul has contributed to include: The Label, Abracadabra, M.U.M., Magic Manuscript, Pabular, Club 71 Magazine, Magigram, The Conjurer, Apocalypse, Magic Scene, Abacus, Skaratika, Mind and Magic, Alchemy and probably a few others.

Paul has lectured to magical clubs in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the U.S.A. If your club or convention needs a good lecturer contact Paul.