Wacko the clown and Jeffrey the magician !
Perfect for any event or occasion !

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JEFFREY DOAN- "Wacko The Clown, Jeffrey the Magician, Slugger, Diamond, Admiral Dave, Jasper......I have various titles and go by many names"

When I was around the age of 8 i bought my first magic kit from Scholastic books. I grew up in Tampa Florida, every week i would go to the pier and watch the balloon artist, fire eaters, jugglers, and entertainers.....its no wonder a little bit of all that performing rubbed off on me. In the third grade I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee it was around this time that i purchased a balloon kit from Walmart and learned how to do a balloon dog. I around the age of 12 dressed as a clown and performed at my little sisters birthday party, all the kids at her party wanted me to do their partys....from there i expanded in performing. My first large event I worked was Baby R Us's grand reopening, performing as Wacko The Clown. Eventually I realized how terrible those original Scholastic Magic Tricks were and started visiting Eddies Trick Shop, "the local magic store". Around this time Turkey Creek was just getting started so I began doing more grand openings. I performed at Borders, and even Party City. I also became my middle schools mascot, when i moved onto high school i became my high schools mascot and started working as mascots for Smokies Baseball, and the Tennessee Valley Fair. At the same time I picked up my first restaurant where i performed weekly, "Shane's Rib Shack" i performed there till they closed, "Rest in Peace Shane's".....Now i perform at 4 to 5 restaurants on a weekly basis along with tons of events, and partys, Check the Tour Page for More Info....I am now a Eagle Scout, and Farragut Alumni....I will be going to University of Tennessee to pursue getting a Dr. in Psychology and a minor in Criminology so i can go into Criminal Profiling.