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Costumes range from The Adventurer where I actually perform tricks with a real bull whip to a swashbuckling pirate. Feel free to contact me for a full list of costumes for themed parties.


This is a local papers article on Magical Entertainment:

Economic downfall has had no effect on Jeffrey Doan, a young entrepreneur who owns, operates and markets two businesses with another interest on hold for future development.

A natural promoter, the Farragut High School senior is reminiscent of the 1800s showman P.T. Barnum.

At 12, Jeffrey paid a meager $2 for a magic kit at Walmart.

Jeffrey devoted countless hours improving his magic and balloon artistry skills researching to obtain new illusions.

At 13, Jeffrey was ready to get down to business. "I decided to enter myself into the Farragut Fourth of July Parade," he said. "I rode a three-foot unicycle and had a sign on my back reading 'Clown for hire.' "

Unicycling along the parade route, "Wacko" the clown, magician and balloon artist made his first formal appearance.

"I received my first booking from that parade," he said. "I was asked to entertain at the Babies 'R' Us grand reopening. I went on to appear at the Dogwood Arts Festival, a Party City grand opening and Borders' grand reopening. Private parties, reunions, special occasions and other events followed, and I began to obtain referrals."

It would soon become necessary to secure the services of a business manager. Jeffrey's mom, Beverly, filled the position. Jeffrey's sister, Farragut Middle School student Kaitlyn, 12, "Smiley the Clown," and Farragut High School senior Emma Gill, "Emmy" the face painter, eventually completed "Magical Entertainment."

Jeffrey's success is a combination of talent, imagination, independent thinking and one-on-one gentle persistence in the pursuit of new clientele. Other than the purchase of business-related materials, expenses are pretty minimal, with Jeffrey designing and printing his own business cards from a laptop computer.

Jeffrey's second business endeavor started this year, Breakthrough Magic Supplies, a Web site designed for the purchase of magic tricks personally designed by him and a soon-to-be-made available video download illustrating the ins and outs of street performing.

Incorporating balloon artistry with retail window design remains on the drawing board for future consideration.

A member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Jeffrey's talents over the past five years have earned him regular bookings at area businesses to include the Wild Wings Cafe, El Sazon Mexican Restaurant, Cool Sports (home of the Icearium Ice Rink) and Texas Roadhouse. "Jeffrey's outgoing personality and ability to sell himself immediately convinced me," said Matt Sayre, manager of the Texas Roadhouse on Morrell Road. "We decided to give him a tryout for one night and ended up contracting him on a weekly basis."

Jeffrey's salesmanship skills manifested when he was a Boy Scout.

"Over an eight-year-period, I sold a total of $56,884 worth of popcorn, an annual fundraiser," he said. "One year I placed No. 1 in the state of Tennessee and No. 4 in the country in sales. I have a college scholarship through Trails-End in the amount of $9,117, all from selling popcorn."

Maintaining a 3.5 GPA, Jeffrey has earned a good share of academic achievements. All of his earnings, minus expenses, gathers interest in a college fund account. He intends to become a psychologist.

"I am fascinated by the human element and want to learn all I can about the subject," he said.

While in seventh grade, Jeffrey began performing as FHS mascot Admiral Dave, appearing at home games, which he still does. His mascot resume includes Jasper the Rooster at the Tennessee Valley Fair and half the duo of Diamond & Slugger Bears for the Tennessee Smokies.

It's an active and committed lifestyle for the 18-year-old.

"Jeffrey has never been one to hang around the house," Beverly said. "He loves to work. His father (Eric) and I don't get to see as much of him as we would like, so we go out to where he is performing."

Magical Entertainment's Web site is www.magician.org/member/jeff.

Magical Entertainment has now expanded we offer 2 Clowns: Wacko and Smiley, a Magician: Jeffrey the Magician, a Face Painter: Emmy the Face Painter, and costumed characters. Feel free to contact Magical Entertainment for more info for all your party needs.

Jeffrey now works for several companies with their promotions below is a slide show of him at work.

Visit with Jeffrey the Magician or Wacko the Clown at one of there restaurants for some fun with magic, balloons, and more. Look on the tour page to find out which of your favorite restaurants they will be visiting.

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