The Magic of Terry Davis
Making The Impossible Possible

picture When I was nine years old, my father showed me a vanishing quarter trick. Ever since I viewed that quarter disappearing in midair, I have had an interest in the art of MAGIC. I was a shy child growing up in a very small town in Central Missouri. MAGIC helped bring me out of my shell. MAGIC gave me the confidence that allowed me to perform at my fullest ability in school as well.

I would read or watch everything I could that had to do with MAGIC. After watching Magicians on television, I would immediately try to create the same magic effect the way I thought the trick was done on TV. As soon as I figured out the trick, I was eager to perform it in front of an audience. As the once shy guy, I developed a quick following of fans and friends.

Since that very first disappearing quarter trick I have joined several Magic clubs and groups. I am a member of the Kansas City Ring 129 for the past thirteen years. I was one of the first group members to receive THE SORCERERS CIRCLE AWARD for promoting magic. I am also a member of the Ring 8 of Columbia, Missouri for the past twelve years. I have been honored as a teacher of magic as well as creating new tricks. I have been first runner up in close-up and stage contests. I have invented several tricks of which have been marketed in several magic stores across the country. I think I’m most known for my Sponge Magic. My favorite magic to perform is close-up. Performing magic right in front of the audiences face is the most challenging but also the most rewarding. Rewarding, in that I get an immediate satisfaction from the audiences reaction. Nothing like a smile on an audience members face. If I have just for that one moment made the audience member forget what is happening in their busy or hectic life that is true MAGIC.