Comedy Magician Patrick Reed
Making Fun & Laughter Appear like Magic!

picture Hey! You're not suppose to be snooping around here!
What part of "Restricted" did you not understand?
Obviously you thought you might try and get a "peek beind the curtain",
maybe you're just the curious type or maybe you're still undecided if a
magician is right fit for your party or event.

Party planning requires more effort than it did back in your twenties.
Back then it entertainment?
Just give the dog or the two year old a few sips of beer!
Nutt'n funnier than a "tippsy terrier" or a drunk in a diaper!
(Sorry Grandpa)

Surely you want everything to come together smoothly, but most importantly;
the "afterwards" Doubt sets in...How do I make sure everyone has a great time?
How did I get myself into this in the first place?
Maybe the boss "requested" volunteers...maybe you came late to the meeting..."surprise"
you're in charge...maybe it wasn't a good idea to mix those prescription medications...
The role of the organizr/planner of an upcoming party or event can be a daunting task.
Perhaps you're an old pro at this; searching for something different this year, some unusual entertainment.

Beginners or Pros, turn to Comedy Magician Patrick Reed
to come through for them with flying colors!