EDF Strategic Plan


EDF Strategic Plan
The Board of Trustees spent considerable time reflecting on its future direction, one that systemically builds upon the impressive foundation work developed over decades by its predecessors. As of 2017, the Board’s strategic plan can be summarized in the following SWOT analysis of current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Linkages with I.B.M.
Strengthen I.B.M. Membership
EDF Board Knowledge and Experience
Strengthen I.B.M. Financial Footing
Firm EDF Financial Footing              
Increase Profile of Magic as a Performing Art
Increase communications and transparency of EDF within I.B.M.
Lack of Current Strategic Plan
Prioritization Among Competing Opportunities
Relatively New EDF Board
EDF “invisibility” to many Rings
Expectations of I.B.M. regarding EDF role and responsibilities
Magic community trend towards one-trick DVDs, which provide instant gratification