EDF Grant Application Guidelines


EDF Grant Application Guidelines
Grant Application Guidelines
The purpose of the Education and Endowment Fund is to encourage and support the art of magic by promoting charitable magic education projects within the constraints of existing fiscal resources.
Projects can be proposed by a group of people, by an organization, or by an individual. Applications should include the following information.
1.             Key Project Personnel, including primary contact person
2.             Name, address, email and phone number of applicant
3.             Geographic area to be served
4.             Statement of the problem to be addressed, one that demonstrates a significant need and not merely an opportunity.
5.             Plan/method to solve the need (meaning the approach you will take)
6.             Expected project results and how I.B.M. benefits; that is, what will be different after the project is completed.
7.             Timetable for implementation
8.             Itemized budget, including any cost sharing and total project costs.
No application form is required. Your application can be submitted at any time. Decisions are usually made within three months. Use these eight headings in your proposal three-to-five pages long. Submit your project proposal to ibmedf@magician.org.Your proposal will be evaluated by the EDF Board to see how persuasive an argument is presented. Then the EDF Board will determine its compatibility with the EDF mission and the availability of funds.